Launching and Selling New Medical Devices: Using Distributors Effectively, Part 1

Successfully launching a new medical product requires that you get the word out to as many customers as possible, as quickly as possible, generate a buzz, and get orders flowing.  Money, reputations and the success of your company are at stake.  To make this happen, you’ll need a highly trained sales force that can get the job done Australia.

If you’ve already got a direct sales force, preparing for a product launch is straightforward because the sales reps work exclusively for you, and will devote 100% of their effort to your launch.  But, for cost and cash flow reasons, many medical companies sell through Distributors and Independent Sales Reps (ISRs).  Beyond the financial benefits, there are many other good reasons to go this route:

1- A direct sales force can take years to build, but with Distributors you can blanket a wide territory or go “global” very quickly.inflatable toys

2- Distributors can take your products places you cannot go.

3- They are businesses in their own right, offering a level of experience and an objective market perspective that direct reps generally do not have.

4- Selling in one territory is their life. The best Distributors are very close to their customers and can get you into the right customers very quickly.

5- Distributors can provide local stocking at no cost to you.

6- The big reason is still cost and cash flow – Distributors are a variable expense and costs only accrue when your products are sold.

Getting the Right Distributors

However, when planning a new product launch, it is imperative you use the right Distributors.  The wrong ones will waste your time, KILL your launch and sink the ship!!  Period. When shopping for ISRs and Distributors, remember the three most important things to look for are:

1- Your product’s alignment with their customer base.

2- Their ability to focus on your products and support the customer as you would.

3- Their ability to begin selling your products quickly.

Gearing Up with Online Training

The fastest way to prepare distributors for a new product launch is with online training.  Most medical companies still rely on face to face training, but it’s just too costly and slow to be effective.  Online training has many advantages:

1- Allows you to train all distributors simultaneously for a coordinated, synchronized launch.  This is critical.  A disorganized roll out wastes time and money, dampens the enthusiasm of your sales team and will hinder your success.

2- Allows you to train the entire sales force remotely, which saves your time and money.

3- Allows  your distributors to train in the field, when it’s convenient for them.

4- Online testing allows you to determine which reps are prepared to sell your products so you don’t waste effort on unprepared people.

5- Allows you to quickly raise and standardize knowledge levels so sales reps can close more deals.

Stay Tuned! Part 2 of “Launching and Selling New Medical Devices: Using Distributors Effectively” is coming soon…

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