Launching and Selling New Medical Devices Part 2: Using Distributors Effectively

Focus on the Winners, Weed Out the Duds

In the beginning, all distributors look great on paper.  Unfortunately, not all of them will work out and you have to quickly determine who the winners are and focus all your attention on them.  Just as important,  you have to figure out who the duds are and quickly get rid of them inflatable water slides for sale.

Spot the duds

Duds will always demand heavy training and support upfront, but only deliver a half-hearted sales launch in their territory with a limited deployment of their team.  When leads do materialize, they’ll call you to fly out and close the deal because they aren’t prepared.  Those sales reps aren’t adding value and will waste your time.  You have to get rid of them ASAP.

Your online training system will allow you to quickly distinguish the high-performers from the laggards.  Training history and test scores will immediately show you which distributors and reps are qualified to sell your products.  As an added benefit, your online training system will make it easier for you to enlist top distributors and strike a better deal with them.  The best distributors understand that your online training system will get their reps up to speed quickly so they can begin generating revenue, which is the same as your goal.  Win, win!

As your product launch proceeds…

• Online training allows you to PUSH updates without paper, binders or CDs — therefore, no time lag in getting information out.

• Allows refresher training without taking reps out of the field.

Stay Tuned! “Launching and Selling New Medical Devices Part 3: Benefits of a Direct Sales Force” is coming soon…

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