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A medical device company I recently worked with released their e-learning program to a sales force of 240+.  After reviewing it, it had the ability to put the learner to sleep in under 5 minutes!  The backgrounds were pure white, filled with bullet points and hardly any graphics.  What an insurance policy for a non-learning event!  People who think that they can just load normal PowerPoint presentations are making a huge mistake if they want to ensure learning is taking place on-line.

Some points that should be followed are:

•  Stay away from bullet points; the learner can read faster than the audio so the speaker is automatically disregarded

•  Layer information on the slide; think animation and bring forward images and text in sequence so the learner can absorb the image and the audio together

•  Change graphics to silhouette or black and white to create interest and to ‘pop’ a particular image that is more important

•  Mix graphics such as a label taped to a wall or text on a whiteboard to simulate real life situations

•  Be sure to match graphics with content; graphics without meaning are distracting

Remember these points if you want your audience to really learn rather than ‘page turn.’

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