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Hello readers and welcome to the new StarCast online training blog.

Who are we?StarCast medical industry logo

StarCast is an online training company located in Hermosa Beach, CA.  Our product, StarCast, is designed to help medical device manufactures train their sales reps and end users (physicians, clinicians, nurses) on how to properly use their line of products.

Device manufactures spend endless amount of money on live training;  sending sales reps and experts around the world for in-service training or flying their customers in for live, hands-on seminars.  StarCast is designed to help eliminate (or at least reduce) this expensive, time consuming, and generally inefficient method.  How do we do this?  Well, that’s on the website, so I won’t bore you with the details.  I’ll just say visit  There’s lots of information about our custom-designed training portals, content building tools, and specific medical device customer solutions.

Why are we blogging?

This is a business blog, so it would be easy for anyone to look at it and say “you’re blogging because you want to market your product to me.”  This may be true to some degree, but at the same time we also hope to provide readers with some truly useful information in regards to their training needs.  The medical device community has some serious challenges in regards to training and as we move forward with this blog, we hope to identify and provide helpful solutions for them.  In addition, we would also like to provide a forum for anyone who has anything to add in regards to the “medical device training” topic.  Guest blogging is encouraged by medical device sales managers and marketers, trainers, reps, and content builders alike.  Finally, we are blogging because we want to have a little fun now and again.  Occasionally there will be items that are posted that some readers may scoff at as “not serious” in nature.  Rest assured, this is on purpose.  StarCast employees don’t usually wear a tie to work and we definitely like to have a good laugh now and again.  There is a lot of serious content on the main website and there will surely be plenty of informative and fact based posts.  However, there will also be a lighter side to this blog that hopefully reflects the kind of people who work everyday to help our medical device customers improve the way they do business.

What will we be blogging about?

Medical device companies and their training needs

Online course building tips and tricks

Stories from the eLearning community

• StarCast customer stories

• StarCast events

Fun links and videos relevant to the online training community

Can you contribute?

Yes.  Anyone can contribute to this blog.  Feedback is ENCOURAGED.  Once your first comment is approved by our administrator you are free to comment as often as you like.  If you’d like to contribute a blog post please contact Evan: immediately to get you set up.  If you are in any way connected to the medical device industry and having something to say, say it here!

Who will be blogging initially?

TomTom Kristy, Founder StarCast Kristy: Founder of StarCast.  Tom established StarCast in 2001 to improve the way companies conduct and provide online training.  He will be sharing his expertise in blog articles about the medical device industry, online training, and helpful solutions to training problems.  An avid bicycler, Tom also enjoys racing, flying, and all things automobile.

Susan Von Hemert StarCastSusan Von Hemert: Susan von Hemert is a seasoned professional possessing key skills in organization, conversion of clinical and marketing data to business applications, sales, leadership, presenting, and securing strong relationships at all levels.  In other words, she’s really well qualified.  Her full personal bio can be read here.  Susan will be writing about content-building best practices and techniques.


Rachelle Jespers of StarCastRachelle Jespers: StarCast’s wildcard. Rachelle has been writing since her mother put a crayon in her hand and researching since she saw L.A. Confidential and decided she wanted to be a detective (but without having to own a gun or be a cop). Her interests are varied, although she does prefer to surf the web fantastic. If she owned a company and had employees to train, she would choose StarCast for her online training because it is super user-friendly and it has the word “star” in it.

Bianca Hyry of StarCastBianca Hyry: StarCast sales and product evangelist.  Bianca has been helping customers with their StarCast needs since the beginning of 2010 and has left a long line of satisfied customers in her wake.  Bianca will be contributing StarCast video tips and delicious cooking recipes.  Probably more of the former.  Bianca is a master chef, clothing entrepreneur, part time food critic, and full time optimist.

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