A Few Simple eLearning Tips…

When a client asks you to create an e-learning course, I always ask myself, “Is training really the answer to the problem?”  Of course, it might be. However, the initial meetings might uncover a process that is flawed.  If we do find that e-learning is the answer, there are a few rules to remember about course development:

1 – State the objectives early; a learner wants to know why they need to comprehend the content.

2- Be relevant to the issue; stay on task and pull from the learner’s past knowledge to create new pathways to learning.

3- Make the navigation fun; use graphics that are consistent with your theme to pull the learner through sequences.

4- Create ‘problems’ for the learner to solve; this creates engagement and continued interest.
Add visual appeal that is sometimes a bit out of the ordinary; humor lightens the learning mode and adds some fun.

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