SuperVision & StarCast for iPad, iPhone, Android 2

The Puffin App allows you to use and experience StarCast and SuperVisionMD exactly as you would using a web browser on your computer.   Contact SuperVisionMD at to obtain a pdf with instructions on downloading and using the Puffin browser.  Or, go to the App Store, search for Puffin and download either the free or paid version.  Once you launch the Puffin browser on your mobile device, you can access and use both SuperVisionMD and StarCast on your mobile device.

Note: As of this release, the Puffin browser carries all channels including audio and video for StarCast, meaning you can watch and hear content, as well as take tests and surveys, download documents and conduct all other normal user and admin StarCast functions.  For SuperVisionMD, only the video channel is carried, meaning the audio must be transmitted over a mobile telephone or other voice device.

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