More London Masterplan

Metropolis Lobby houses the bedroom for the London Gathering and the offices of the mayor and faculty of the Greater London Dominance. It forms the nidus of the More London ontogenesis – a new running community on the southward camber of the Thames betwixt London and Tug Bridges. Occupying a strategical situation on the ethnic path from Tate Advanced, the Earth Dramaturgy and Southwark Duomo to HMS Belfast and the Designing Museum, More London has played a key part in the sociable and economical re-formation of the borough of Southwark.

One of the cap’s nigh symbolically significant new projects, Metropolis Dorm advances themes explored in the Reichstag, expressing the foil and approachability of the popular procedure and demonstrating the likely for a sustainable, nearly non-polluting populace edifice. Intentional exploitation advance computer-modelling techniques the construction represents a theme afterthought of architectural mannequin. Its anatomy achieves optimal muscularity functioning by maximizing blending and minimising the area open to orchestrate sun. Offices are course ventilated, photovoltaics offer powerfulness and the construction’s cooling utilises background weewee wired via boreholes. Boilersuit, Metropolis Foyer uses lonesome a one-fourth of the vim consumed by a distinctive air-conditioned London spot edifice.

House to a manpower of around 15,000 multitude, More London integrates a all-encompassing mix of uses inside a new meshwork of streets and world spaces. A stiff bias avenue, which follows the saint prosy itinerary from London Span Place to Towboat Span, is intersected by littler routes and alleyways that devise links ‘tween the activeness of the waterfront and the residential community of Bermondsey. The landscaping in the streets and piazzas includes shoetree planting and pee features and extends to the excogitation of pavement and street furniture. Aboard the offices, thither are shops, restaurants and cafés, and the growth includes the Unicorn Children’s House, a hotel, supermarket and fittingness clubhouse. Unitedly they assistant to produce a springy and congenial mixer surroundings on the riverbank.

Sketches + Drawings

Facts + Figures

  • Engagement: 1998
  • Culmination: 2003
  • Ar: 279,000msup2
  • Content: 15,000
  • Node: More London Maturation Ltd
  • Collaborating Designer: KSS Architects Modified
  • Geomorphologic Technologist: Arup
  • Measure Surveyor: Davis Langdon Everest
  • M+E Mastermind: Roger Preston Partners
  • Landscaper: Townshend Landscape Architects
  • Kindling Technologist: Equality Ignition

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