Designed and Optimized for the Medical Industry 

SuperVision is designed & manufactured by SuperVision, Inc., maker of StarCast, an online LMS specialized for the medical device industry – & used worldwide by many of the largest medical device manufacturing companies including Smith and Nephew, ConMed, Lumenis, DJO Global, Galil, Megadyne, Qualigen, Sandhill Scientific to name a few.

Based on our many years of experience helping medical device companies provide specialized online training for doctors and employees, SuperVision was developed in concert with leading surgeons and medical device specialists with one goal in mind: Create a portable, easy to use, ultra-high resolution video telepresence system that allows an expert surgeon to “virtually” enter a remote operating room and look “over the shoulder” of another surgeon, helping with the operation or offering guidance on how to “get out of trouble” if things go wrong. Many other medical uses have since become obvious for SuperVision, such as product demonstrations, live training, R&D and so on. SuperVision has answered these market demands with a system that is robust, flexible, economical, and, most importantly, dialed-in to the use-cases that define the medical device industry as a whole.


StarCast- Online Training for the Medical Industry 

StarCast is a cloud-based LMS that has served customers in the medical industry since 2001. Located in beautiful Hermosa Beach, CA, StarCast helps medical companies train worldwide sales reps, train customers to use their products, and comply with FDA, ISO, TUV and other agencies.

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Our Customers
45+ medical device organizations– and some of the biggest names in the industry (Smith and Nephew, Conmed, DJO Global)– have used StarCast to address their unique training requirements. StarCast solutions such as the Physician Portal and Sales Rep Training Portal have been used to train over 10,000 medical device sales reps and end users to improve sales performance, decrease costs, comply with federal regulations, and ensure a safe and efficient shop floor.


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