Live, Interactive HD Training Lets You Work Around Busy Schedules

With SuperVision, you can provide live, interactive, real-time training over the internet for your customers and physicians anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Instead of waiting for your sales reps to schedule and deliver an in-service training class, you can setup a live session in minutes and provide your users with the comprehensive training and education they need to be successful with your medical device products and procedures.


Show your Physicians every Angle of your Product or Procedure

Medical device training requires context. Whether you are mentoring a surgery in Europe or providing device training to your sales reps in Japan, viewers need to see multiple angles simultaneously – and in High Definition. Your physicians or sales reps may need to see the front and back of your medical device at the same time to understand how it functions. Or, to provide a fully immersive view of a live operation, you may need to show three different camera views at once. SuperVision is the world’s only turn-key telepresence solution that allows you to broadcast up to 4 different angles at the same time in full 1080p high resolution. Your clinicians will never miss a single detail.


Near Zero Latency, Be There, in Real-Time

SuperVision’s video Gateway/Encoder is built around the most advanced video compression and encoding system in existence. Utilizing the latest generation, blistering fast, 3.4 GHz Intel Quad Core I7 Sandy Bridge CPU, SuperVision can process up to four 1080p video streams simultaneously and deliver full HD clarity to your viewers, all at less than 185 ms end-to-end latency*. This means your viewers in Los Angeles will see and hear what’s happening in New York in near real-time, and feel like they are part of the experience.


Transform Your Training Room into a SuperVision Studio in minutes

If you already hold live training at your facility, you can easily transform your training room into a SuperVision broadcast studio. Simply set-up your SuperVision cameras, establish an internet connection to your base unit, and invite an unlimited number of physicians, clinicians, and nurses to view your training sessions in real-time. Setup-up and broadcast as many times as you need, as often as you like. SuperVision tripods, patented “go-anywhere” clamps, or an all-in-one broadcast cart make your camera setup quick and painless.



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