SuperVision Has One Goal 

Designing SuperVisionMD came with one goal: Create a portable, easy to use, ultra-high resolution video telepresence system that allows an expert surgeon to “virtually” enter a remote operating room and look “over the shoulder” of another surgeon, helping with the operation or offering guidance on how to “get out of trouble” if things go wrong. With the ability to stream multiple HD cameras simultaneously over the internet, the fastest video encoder in existence using a 3.4GB Intel Quad Core I7 Sandy Bridge processor, near zero end-to-end latency, and a brilliant, multi-view video player, SuperVisionMD not only achieves that goal, it sets a world-class standard for medical telepresence.


Multiple Cameras, Multiple Angles. See everything, simultaneously. 

Why multiple cameras? Medical training or mentoring sessions require context. Whether you are assisting with a surgery in Europe or providing device training to your sales reps in Japan, viewers often need to see multiple angles simultaneously. For example, your viewers may need to see the front and back of your medical device at the same time to understand how it functions. Or, to provide a fully immersive view of a live operation, you many need to show three different camera views simultaneously; 1. A pan-view of the full operating theatre including all the physicians and nurses, 2. A close-up of the procedure itself, and 3. A separate view of a particular endoscopic monitor. SuperVisionMD allows you to broadcast all these views at the same time in full 1080p high resolution giving viewers a fully contextual experience.


20X HD Power Zoom Cameras. Fully automatic, lightweight, brilliant video. 

SuperVisionMD cameras were specially designed for the needs of medical broadcasting. Featuring alloy aluminum unibody design, SuperVisionMD cameras are lightweight and easy to position. A micron-thin exterior ceramic coating makes them nearly immune to scratches and easily cleanable. A motorized, 20X power-zoom lens with auto-focus lets you place the cameras anywhere (and out of the way) and yet zoom-in for the perfect image. Focus as close as 10mm at wide angle or 800mm at full zoom. Super-quiet motor drives keep the image completely in focus throughout the entire zoom cycle so you see all the detail. Our special CMOS image sensor captures full 1920 x 1080 imagery (2 million pixels). Coupled with auto-iris, SuperVisionMD cameras provide a very wide dynamic light range, meaning you can go from very bright to very dark conditions and still have a brilliant video image. All this while consuming less than 10 watts of power per camera.


Near Zero Latency, Be There, in Real-Time 

SuperVisionMD’s video Gateway/Encoder is built around the most advanced video compression and encoding system in existence. Utilizing the latest generation, blistering fast, 3.4 GHz Intel Quad Core I7 Sandy Bridge CPU, SuperVisionMD can process up to four 1080p video streams simultaneously and deliver full HD clarity to your viewers, all at less than 185 ms end-to-end latency*. This means your viewers in Los Angeles will see and hear what’s happening in New York in near real-time, and feel like they are part of the experience. That’s full immersion. With flash memory standard, the memory system is entirely solid state with no moving parts, which means the Gateway/Encoder is durable, resistant to damage if dropped, and very lightweight.


Crystal Clear Audio 

SuperVisionMD transmits brilliant, high quality audio along with your video video images for a total telepresence experience that is rich, real-time and unlike anything you or they have ever experienced. Your participants will hear everything you say right from their computer, meaning a telephone connection is unnecessary.


A web-based system to schedule, host, and document sessions 

With SuperVisionMD, it couldn’t be easier to schedule a live, interactive session. Log in, choose a time, invite users, and start your session. That’s it. SuperVisionMD is completely cloud-based so there is never any software to buy, install, or troubleshoot. Pack up your cameras and broadcast from anywhere in the world, anytime you want! Seat licenses are also a thing of the past; SuperVisionMD accounts are available for free to anyone within your organization.


Compact and mobile SuperVisionMD broadcasting kit 

Compact and portable, the SuperVisionMD Starter Kit includes everything you need to quickly and easily hold a live, multi-cam, high-resolution SuperVisionMD session. Each mobile, lightweight kit includes 2 high-resolution IP web cameras, 1 SuperVisionMD gateway, 2 heavy-duty camera tripods, and 2 “go anywhere” camera clamps. SuperVisionMD kits allow for maximum flexibility– install a kit in your cadaver lab or training room at your headquarters, in the operating theatre, or equip each of your sales reps with kits to take on the road.



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