Designed and optimized specifically for medical professionals and use cases. 

With the latest-generation Intel Quad Core I7 CPU, Gigabit ethernet technology, the fastest compression engine in existence, fully automatic power zoom cameras, SuperVisionMD is packed with all the features you need for brilliant medical training, demonstration or mentoring broadcasts.


20X Power Zoom Cameras 

SuperVisionMD cameras were designed with the needs of medical specialists in mind. Starting with the unibody alloy housing that features a super-hard exterior ceramic coating that is both scratch resistant and easily cleaned. Special high quality glass lenses and a motorized 20X zoom range lets you position the camera where it’s out of the way, and then zoom in to get all the detail. Ultra-quiet motor drives keep the image completely in focus throughout the zoom cycle so you never lose sight of any detail. Our special CMOS image sensor captures full 1920 x 1080 imagery (2 million pixels). Coupled with auto-iris, SuperVisionMD cameras provide a wide dynamic light range, meaning you can go from very bright to very dark conditions and still have a brilliant video image. All this while consuming less than 10 watts of power per camera.


Brilliant Player 

Low quality webcams or single view players like Skype just aren’t adequate for medical grade demonstrations or surgical training. SuperVisionMD’s video player was specifically designed to show all the fine details of your product or procedure. Chose to show a single, full screen in brilliant detail, or a mosaic of 2, 3 or 4 view screens, or picture-in-picture combinations. Remote participants can zoom into whatever detail on whichever screen they want to focus on. With SuperVisionMD, you and your devices will look as brilliant on camera as they do in person.


Scheduling Software 

SuperVisionMD software lets you easily set-up, schedule and conduct your broadcasts, invite participants and manage recording* and playback functions. The system also keeps track of all your past sessions, who was present and how long the session lasted and other information that will help you analyze who and how many people have seen your broadcasts. SuperVisionMD lets you download .mov video files of recorded sessions which you can then edit into comprehensive sales or training videos. *Recording and file download available Q1, 2012


World’s Most Advanced Video Compression 

SuperVisionMD’s video Gateway/Encoder features the most advanced video compression and encoding system in existence. Driven by the latest generation, blistering fast 3.4 GHz Intel Quad Core I7 Sandy Bridge CPU, each SuperVisionMD base unit can process up to 4-1080p video streams simultaneously and deliver full HD clarity to your viewers, all at less than 185 ms end-to-end latency. This dedicated, high-powered performance means your viewers will see crystal clear video delivered almost the instant it happens, and feel like they are part of the experience. That’s power and performance that make you look spectacular!


Universal Power Supply and Cables  

Take SuperVisionMD anywhere in the world, plug into any available power supply from 100-250V and start broadcasting. That covers 98% of the electrified world. If you lose or break a camera cable, replace it with any standard Cat5 or 6 ethernet cable, which is the most commonly available computer cable made, and sold in computer stores at all corners of the planet. Everything about SuperVisionMD has been designed to be robust, easy to use and globally deployable.


Travel Lite 

SuperVisionMD is the most advanced portable internet broadcasting system in existence. Lightweight and carry-on ready, you can take SuperVisionMD wherever the action is. Or set up a fixed location studio. SuperVisionMD allows broadcasting over a regular internet without needing a specialized, dedicated connection. Fly in, plug in and start broadcasting.


Intel Quad Core I7 Sandy Bridge CPU

SuperVisionMD features Intel’s latest generation Sandy Bridge CPU running at 3.4 GHz, which delivers blazing fast performance for the sharpest, clearest video and audio possible.
Gigabit Ethernet

SuperVisionMD operates on the most advanced Gigabit ethernet backbone insuring the fastest possible transmission of your video images.



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