Instantly transform any room into a SuperVision Interactive Studio.

Setup your SuperVision kit anywhere you need to broadcast. Any room can quickly and easily be transformed into a worldwide broadcasting studio designed to show the world how to safely and effectively use your device. Ideal settings for a SuperVision session include:

Training Room
Unlimited training sessions, zero expense. Setup a SuperVision kit and train as much as you want, whenever you want.

Sales Reps in the Field
Lightweight and portable, SuperVision kits can be taken on the road. Your reps can broadcast from any corner of the globe.

Customer Service Center
Provide the ultimate in customer service. Setup your customer service reps with a SuperVision kit for on-demand help sessions.

The tools you need to get the job done.

SuperVision is designed to adapt to any setting. With a host of unique camera mounts, SuperVision makes your broadcast setup painless. Crowded room? Awkward shape? Overhead angles required? No problem. SuperVision provides these camera mounting solutions:

SuperVision Broadcast Cart
SuperVision’s all-in-one rolling cart keeps your broadcast area clean and enables you to easily move your cameras around any training room, cadaver lab, or operating room. A perfect solution to get started quickly!

SuperVision Lightweight Tripods
Camera tripods enable you to quickly setup and adjust your cameras on the fly. Lightweight & portable, tripods are perfect for taking on the road. 2 camera tripods come standard with every SuperVision kit.


Go-Anywhere® Clamps
SuperVision’s “go anywhere” clamps are designed for small rooms, awkward angles, or traveling to the far reaches of the globe. Clip your camera in any environment and begin broadcasting in minutes.

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